Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I Heart Weekends Like This


A little bit of a late weekend recap, but its only mid week so I'm deeming it still appropriate.

Friday evening Brandon and I had a stay-at-home date night filled with re-watching Limitless (in preparation for the tv series - I give most new series a chance) and a little fire outside. It was a super clear evening and it wasn't too cold yet so some favourite songs, a cozy blanket and a couple of beers started off our weekend on a great foot!
Saturday was mostly lounging and chores. In the evening, we went to see Black Mass with Brandon's parents. I've always loved a good mob movie, expecially with Johnny Depp at the helm but if my opinion counts for anything, I'd suggest making this a home watch. It was a cool inside view of a pretty notorias kingpin in the 80's but it was kind of anit-climatic and doesn't require the movie theatre vibe.

Sunday Brandon and I went on an adventure downtown! We started at the Vancouver Antique Market, which is pretty much the coolest place ever. Any rustic, industrial or antique furniture lovers should absolutely check it out.

We ended up finding a piece for our living room, to house the electronics and pretty things but i'll show you it when its installed and ready to be photographed :) After convincing ourselves that we didn't need everything in the store we decided to head out and find a cute lunch spot for some tasty grub and a few pints.
We ended up at Bier Craft on Commercial Drive and were lucky enough to get a table on the patio. It was perfect for people watching and coming up with fun fall plans. Days like this are truly my favourite. Good company, good food and no schedule make me a very happy weekender.

Hope yours was a great as mine! What did you get up to?


  1. Ohh what a fun weekend! Your Friday night sounds perfect and it looks like there were so many cool pieces at the antique market. I want to see Black Mass, but am glad to know it's one that can wait until it's out of theaters.

  2. I wanna come hang out with you, Brandon and Bear. Y'all have such a fun time! I'm so looking forward to Black Mass coming out here soon, but good suggestion with not needing to really watch it in the theatre. I'm always happy with a stay-at-home movie + popcorn + pizza night! xo

  3. Bummer about the movie. Johnny Depp is usually a guaranteed win!