Thursday, October 1, 2015

September Love List

//waiting for the ferry to Victoria//

What I Watched: The season premier of Survivor and the finale of Big Brother. I've got a thing for CBS reality TV, it's my little escape throughout the week. Brandon hates both of these shows so it ends up being "me time" snuggled up with a cup of tea. I think the finale of BB ended perfectly and I'm super excited for this "all-star" season of Survivor, although c'mon people you voted out Vytas before Abi!!!?

What I Snapped: Bear lounging. He seems to take after me and needs/wants all the soft fluffy things.

Who I Loved: I recently fell in love with CellaJane. Her style is so effortlessly chic. She's been giving me some great fall inspo.

What I Wore: Sweaters! Since the temperature has started to drop, I've found it so cozy to rock a big baggy knit sweater with leggings when I'm lounging around the house. My fav is a few years old but this one is similar.

What I Did: Picked up my fitness game. I'm thinking October is going to be a great month exercise wise simply because I got my groove back this month! Well, definitely towards the end of it haha. I've been rocking some great playlists and challenging myself with new sets and cardio. Bring it on!

What I Ate: Tapas! Two nights in a row we had the pleasure of enjoying a variety of tapas this month. From mussels, to yam gnocchi to flank steak everything was so amazing. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

What I Drank: Yorkshire Tea. at night in a tea-cup with lots of milk. mmmmmm

Where I Went: Brandon and I headed over to Victoria on Vancouver Island one weekend to visit his sister and her boyfriend. It was perfect weather and it was so nice to catch up with such a beautiful couple. We had lots of laughs, drinks and food (too many of one of those) and when we left I was already looking forward to the next visit!

What I Heard: Drag Me Down - One Direction. I've shamelessly listened to these guys for a few years now but if their past albums didn't do it for you I'd highly suggest giving this song a listen just to witness their development. Its a great tune and is a fav for the car ride to the gym.

What I Used: I've been baking up a storm as of late and have been loving my KitchenAid mixer. 1000x easier to mix and somehow cookies taste better!? Plus I'm obsessed with the splatter of white flour against the Royal Blue colour of mine. #housewife

How did your September go? Any favourites this month? See my August Loves here!

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