Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A Couple of Things

I cannot stop wearing a half pony (see photo above). To the point where I have the Ariana Grande syndrome and now don't think my hair looks normal when its all down...

This morning at the gym, I walked into the change room and this girl was wearing the same outfit as me. The exact same tights and a very similar black tank. We were looking right at each other, we both knew we had the same outfit on. So I, of course, think this is hilarious and say "Nice outfit!" *insert cheesy smile*... what does she do? Stares me down and walks away! Lesson: she is not a morning person.

Apparently we are expecting a large storm to hit the BC Coast this weekend. And no joke this is what the weather map looks like....

Image: National Weather Service

alrighty then... hope your Wednesday (I can't bring myself to say hump day right now) is treating you well!



  1. Hahaha Ariana Grande syndrome! I hope the storm isn't too bad! Stay dry over there!

  2. I would've tripped that bitch for not smiling back! lol