Monday, October 5, 2015

Just Another Great Saturday & Sunday


Well first weekend of October you were a good'n! The last few years we've had such long summers! I mean 25 degrees (Celsius) in October? Sure sounds good :) I'm all about the fall coziness but when you want to wash your car or shop at an outdoor mall the nice weather sure is great!

Brandon and I have this chalkboard wall in our office and its so fun seeing what each of us add to the wall throughout the week. He might not look like the artistic type but Brandon is so good at sketches. All through high school he always had a little sketch book filled with different ideas and doodles. Now he has a huge wall to showcase his artwork!

On Saturday, Brandon and I had a "get things done day". I cleaned the house, did laundry, washed and vacuumed the cars and organized our fridge while Brandon drywalled and built us a shoe closet under the stairs! I think I need to go through my shoe collection because about 60% of them are still in a box to the right of this photo...also clearly Brandon positioned the shoes... what girl would put her gym shoes front and centre? #priorities
Sunday was another gorgeous one weather wise and I had it all to myself since Brandon was watching football at a buddies all day. My day started slow since I was trying to catch up on some tele and fold laundry. Then I took my time getting ready and tried out a new pallet from L.A. Girl that I found at Marshalls! The snap above doesn't really do the eye shadow justice but it was filled with golds, roses and shimmery neutrals that will be so nice for fall!
Midway through the day I got the urge to shop and ended up at an outdoor mall nearby with my Mum. I hit the jackpot at H&M and bought like 6 new shirts! Everything from casual sweaters to blouses. I'm pretty much golden from now until February.

Post shopping, Bearsy and I went for a nice long walk and a game of fetch in the park. Our treat on the way home was a couple of beautiful blooms from the "dahlia lady" on our street who gives away her gorgeous flowers at the end of the season. Don't mind if I do.
Our night ended with sushi at our place with friends and an hour of reading in bed. Sigh... why do weekends have to end so quickly? Bonus though... next weekend is a long weekend (yay!) and we are heading over to Nanaimo for Thanksgiving celebrations.
How was your weekend?
Did you get to enjoy the gorgeous fall weather? 
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  1. I hate how eye shadow never shows up in photos! Sounds like you had a super productive weekend

  2. Love the chalkboard wall! What a fun piece in your home!

  3. WHYYYY are you so freakin' pretty! Come do my makeup, puhlease?! K, thanks. Lol to Brandon putting gym shoes front & center...boys are so silly! <3

  4. Chalkboard wall... bad ass.
    And you. Fucking gorgeous. Bitch.