Monday, October 19, 2015

Hello Monday

This post is going to be short. Part because I didn't take a single photo this weekend, part because I woke up feeling achy in that "you're going to get a cold real soon way" and part because it's Monday. The photo above is of the beautiful dahlias in Brandon's grandparents garden and it's doing one heck of a job brightening up this otherwise grey and foggy day.
My weekend was really nice and was filled with friend time, family time, dog time and me time. Really just the perfect combination in my opinion. I also might have purchased the most amazingly cozy turtle neck sweater for any future grey and foggy days which I'm super excited to wear!
I'm looking forward to this week already (yay for more dates with friends and family!) and am currently counting down the days until daylight savings (it's 13) because it is far too dark on my drive to the gym these days.
Side Note: I randomly looked up the lyrics to Grease Lighting at work today and I was shocked at how dirty they were!! Gotta love my innocent mind as a child and how I simply loved the dance moves haha

Side Side Note: I hope all my Canadian bloggers are out voting today! 'tis important and i'll be heading to my local voting site as soon as I'm off work!


  1. Lol to the Grease Lightning look up! Now you've got me curious and I'm going to go do the same ;) Glad you had a nice, relaxing weekend, love!

  2. I just started getting that "cold" feeling tonight. EEEK!
    I'm looking forward to Daylight Savings Time, too... but mostly because I'm excited for an "extra" hour of sleep that first night! lol

  3. Election time is so exciting! I definitely voted :)

  4. ugh that cold feeling is the worst. i've been having it off and on for the last few days and i keep waiting for the cold thant (thankfully) isn't hear yet.
    greased lightning is SO dirty. haha.