Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Giving Thanks

This past weekend was Canadian Thanksgiving.  It's a holiday  focused on family and recognizing all that you should be thankful for. I spent it at Brandon's grandparents place in Nanaimo and it was a perfect weekend filled with, great company, good food, so many games of crib and a couple amazing nights sleep.

I love being reminded to not take my life for granted and say thanks for everything I have. Yesterday I made a list of a few of the things that make my life beautiful.

- My family. The group of people that I was given are the most extraordinary, loving, thoughtful and inspiring people I could have ever asked for. They each make my day better in their own unique ways. I am thankful for my husband, parents, sister, sister in-law, in-laws, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and everyone in between.

- My home. This home represents hard work, sacrifices, lessons learned and still to be learned, self expression and love. I have never been more proud or scared of something at the same time. I am thankful for the four walls around me and the roof above me.

- My dog. I never could have imagined that a chubby four legged being who gnawed on my hands for 6 weeks straight and kept me up at night with his snoring could be considered a best friend. But Bear gave me purpose during the months that Brandon worked away. He kept the boredom at bay, made me laugh hysterically (cry occasionally) and was the sole reason I wasn't a lonely sad mess in a new house on my own. I am thankful for Mr Bearsy and his unconditional love.

- My health. At times this year I took my health for granted. Only in the sense that I haven't always done everything possible to maintain it. It is so very important to me and I cherish it more and more everyday for what it allows me to do. I am thankful for my capable body.

and on a less serious note....

I am thankful for sweatpants after turkey dinner.

I hope everyone had a fun, loving and full Thanksgiving weekend.
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  1. Happy Thanksgiving from Ontario!

  2. It's crazy how pets can become family members, isn't it?? :)

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, lovebug!! Also, amen to all the things that you are happy for and a majorly huge hallelujah for the sweatpants haha. xo

  4. I think it is so wonderful to take time to remember all of the great things we have going for us. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!