Monday, October 19, 2015

Hello Monday

This post is going to be short. Part because I didn't take a single photo this weekend, part because I woke up feeling achy in that "you're going to get a cold real soon way" and part because it's Monday. The photo above is of the beautiful dahlias in Brandon's grandparents garden and it's doing one heck of a job brightening up this otherwise grey and foggy day.
My weekend was really nice and was filled with friend time, family time, dog time and me time. Really just the perfect combination in my opinion. I also might have purchased the most amazingly cozy turtle neck sweater for any future grey and foggy days which I'm super excited to wear!
I'm looking forward to this week already (yay for more dates with friends and family!) and am currently counting down the days until daylight savings (it's 13) because it is far too dark on my drive to the gym these days.
Side Note: I randomly looked up the lyrics to Grease Lighting at work today and I was shocked at how dirty they were!! Gotta love my innocent mind as a child and how I simply loved the dance moves haha

Side Side Note: I hope all my Canadian bloggers are out voting today! 'tis important and i'll be heading to my local voting site as soon as I'm off work!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Live Simply

//print available here//
So I recently (yesterday) became obsessed with Thomas Rhetts new song "Die a Happy Man" . I heard it on the radio in the morning, bought it off iTunes instantly and have listened to it oh about 10 times since then. I've concluded that there are several reasons why I love this song:
1. Mr. Rhett has a very dreamy voice
2. He's super cute and somehow manages to embody both the rugged guy and pretty boy look at the same time.
3. The message in the song is so perfect! I love country music but between all the songs about trucks, boats, dirt and white tank tops this song about being happy with simplicity is so refreshing.
The chorus in this song ends with "Oh if all I got is your hand in my hand, Baby I could die a happy man." Obviously this is beyond sweet, and if Brandon ever said or sang this to me I would just melt but I also think it's an important thing for all of us ladies to remember. I feel like in the age of Pinterest, Instagram and even in blogging we can get too caught up in wanting/needing it all. Or thinking we can only truly love someone who can provide us with it all. But the goal should be to be perfectly happy by simply walking hand in hand with your significant other.
I've had the words "Live Simply" as my lock screen for a few weeks now and it's become a bit of a mantra to me. It's a nice reminder when you're trying to make decisions or get caught in the rabbit hole of social media. It's also really helped me in my personal style. And I feel like I'm overall more content when I remember to live simply.
So long story short... If you're looking for a new mantra I highly suggest this one and go listen to Thomas Rhett!
Happy Thursday! Best part of today? The TBT playlist on my commute home!!
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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Home Renovations: The Guest Room

We affectionately referred to this room as the "American Chopper Room". I'm sure there are many boys who would have loved this two toned beauty (Brandon may have shed a tear when that wallpaper border came down) but I wanted a relaxing guest room fit for my amazing friends and family. 



Ahhh this room just makes me relaxed. I wanted a super neutral vibe but with a dash of personality and I think the script wall does just that. I was inspired by this post. The writing says "and I'm here wishing you could stay a little longer", its from a Brother's Osbourne song that Brandon and I fell in love with this past summer. It's a great song and I couldn't resist the way it works so perfectly in a guest room.

The bedroom set is an old oak set that my Grandma gave me. I painted it with chalk paint to modernize it a bit. Awhile ago I took a furniture painting class with my aunt and did these extra details on one of the side tables. I can't wait to tackle more furniture projects in the future.

//Bearsy getting up close and personal with the side table...//

Cheers to Wednesday, enjoy!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Giving Thanks

This past weekend was Canadian Thanksgiving.  It's a holiday  focused on family and recognizing all that you should be thankful for. I spent it at Brandon's grandparents place in Nanaimo and it was a perfect weekend filled with, great company, good food, so many games of crib and a couple amazing nights sleep.

I love being reminded to not take my life for granted and say thanks for everything I have. Yesterday I made a list of a few of the things that make my life beautiful.

- My family. The group of people that I was given are the most extraordinary, loving, thoughtful and inspiring people I could have ever asked for. They each make my day better in their own unique ways. I am thankful for my husband, parents, sister, sister in-law, in-laws, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and everyone in between.

- My home. This home represents hard work, sacrifices, lessons learned and still to be learned, self expression and love. I have never been more proud or scared of something at the same time. I am thankful for the four walls around me and the roof above me.

- My dog. I never could have imagined that a chubby four legged being who gnawed on my hands for 6 weeks straight and kept me up at night with his snoring could be considered a best friend. But Bear gave me purpose during the months that Brandon worked away. He kept the boredom at bay, made me laugh hysterically (cry occasionally) and was the sole reason I wasn't a lonely sad mess in a new house on my own. I am thankful for Mr Bearsy and his unconditional love.

- My health. At times this year I took my health for granted. Only in the sense that I haven't always done everything possible to maintain it. It is so very important to me and I cherish it more and more everyday for what it allows me to do. I am thankful for my capable body.

and on a less serious note....

I am thankful for sweatpants after turkey dinner.

I hope everyone had a fun, loving and full Thanksgiving weekend.
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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Blogging in 25 Years

//Outfit Posts of the Future//
The other day I was watching a make-up tutorial on Youtube and I started to think about how crazy the internet is. This girl around my age is recording herself sharing tips and tricks for fall inspired make-up and I'm soaking it all in and appreciative of her suggestions and methods.
Obviously, as humans we've always shared information but this particular beauty vlogger is from the UK and it's not like I would have ever had the chance to sit across from her at a coffee shop and say "what concealer are you using?"
Then it made me think, will there be vloggers and bloggers handing out tips for grey coverage (or going au natural) or age appropriate eye shadow choices or handling menopause like a boss when we're 50, 60, 70 years old? Will we look for information on the internet?
But of course we will! We're of "that" generation.
And that thought made me so happy! I love the idea that I might be reading blogs from women who I saw get engaged, married and have babies then possibly send those babies to college, downsize to a smaller home and write about their grandchildren. How wild would that be!?
Just over here loving this community and how small it has made this huge world.
Do you think you'll be blogging in 25 years?

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A Couple of Things

I cannot stop wearing a half pony (see photo above). To the point where I have the Ariana Grande syndrome and now don't think my hair looks normal when its all down...

This morning at the gym, I walked into the change room and this girl was wearing the same outfit as me. The exact same tights and a very similar black tank. We were looking right at each other, we both knew we had the same outfit on. So I, of course, think this is hilarious and say "Nice outfit!" *insert cheesy smile*... what does she do? Stares me down and walks away! Lesson: she is not a morning person.

Apparently we are expecting a large storm to hit the BC Coast this weekend. And no joke this is what the weather map looks like....

Image: National Weather Service

alrighty then... hope your Wednesday (I can't bring myself to say hump day right now) is treating you well!


Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Home Renovations: The Master Bedroom

What did they always say on MTV Cribs? "This is where the magic happens?" 

Our home was built about 40 years ago and it wasn't custom to have a big master bedroom with an en suite so it was important to me to make our "master" as stand out as possible without getting too crazy in such a little room. I wanted it to be equally masculine and feminine so both Brandon and I would feel comfortable there. 



We ended up lightening up the wall colour a bit to brighten the room up and installed faux brick paneling because who doesn't wish they lived in an industrial style loft? Our bed frame and curtains are from Ikea and I think that soft girly touch really balances out the brick and the dark side tables.

This room is still a work in progress. I want to add some artwork to the brick wall and I haven't found the right bedding. I just swap between the 3 or 4 random duvet covers and throw cushions we've accumulated. I honestly don't know what I'm looking for but I'm going with "when I see it I'll know". 

Any recommendations?
What does your dream master bedroom look like?

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