Monday, August 24, 2015

A Letter: Sleepless Nights

Bear not losing any sleep
Dear Sleepless Nights,
Good morning. Or should I say Bad morning?
Recently you've come into my life and I want to let you know that you were not invited nor expected. You've made waking up for early morning gym workouts incredibly difficult. Not impossible just hard. I've met you several times over the years, usually when my life was stressful like around exam time or during intense life decisions. And to be honest I understood your presence. Right now however, you've come at me with wild dreams, restless legs and increasing bathroom breaks. These night time interruptions are not welcomed. I'd like you to leave. I look forward to my 7 continuous hours of sleep each night and you've completely ruined that. Please consider this letter a polite way of asking you to move on.
Many thanks,
P.S. My cup of tea does want to thank you for deepening my relationship with it as I now require two.

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