Thursday, August 27, 2015

A Little Bit of Randomness

I swear this week has gone so fast! One day it's Monday morning and the next it's Thursday afternoon. Where did the week go?
I was planning to share another room in out home renovation tour but silly me still hasn't uploaded the after photos so we're going with a random thoughts post and maybe I'll be productive tomorrow and upload two posts! We shall see.
A few thoughts bumbling around my head this morning:
-I am 100% ready for fall and winter. I apologize to all you summer sun worshipers but I am so excited for rain and wind storms, cozy nights snuggled up, having a REAL fire in our fireplace, peppermint schnapps and hot chocolate, Hunter boots, toques and mittens, the fresh smell of cold morning air, all of the candles, bubble baths, ski season, holiday movies and everything in between. And I am aware that around February 12th I will hate most of the above. There's four seasons for a reason.
-This post made me laugh and then has continued to make me laugh throughout the day. I'm hoping she wasn't serious on everything but it did give me several "it's funny because it's true" moments!
-It doesn't matter how on top of it you are or how efficient you become there will ALWAYS be laundry, dishes and cooking to do. Like forever.
-I think it should be a rule that no matter what you're doing, if you feel like exercising you should just be allowed to drop everything and work out. Doesn't matter, working, getting your teeth cleaned, in school etc. I feel like I would work out more if that was the case.
-What does it feel like to have a 6pack? 


  1. YES to Fall! We've been having Fall-ish weather the past few days and it has been pure heaven!
    I have so much laundry to do right now it's not even funny!

  2. A 6 pack? What is this thing you speak of that eludes me at all times? I think it might have something to do with the chocolate and Cheetos I want to eat all the time, lol.

    Yes to fall weather!!! I can't wait for our next move so we can have cold weather and cute clothes and I can stop feeling like I'm melting all the time :)