Thursday, August 20, 2015

Home Renovations: The Living Room

Tomorrow will mark one year since Brandon and I received possession of our first home! To celebrate this exciting anniversary I thought I'd finally share some pictures of our renovations!
I want to start by saying that Brandon has done an amazing job making all of my designer dreams come to life. Not only is this our first place as homeowners but it is also our first place ever so it was really intimidating to not only renovate but to decorate and really cultivate our own style.
The first room we painted was the living room. We knew this is where we would spend the most amount of time and where we would hang out with friends and family. I wanted a clean slate to be able dress up once we purchased furniture and accessories so we went with a warm white and gray colour scheme.
I cannot sufficiently describe the difference the white made vs the original brown and green. All of a sudden our humble living room seemed super spacious. Going with a lighter colour can make a world of difference!

Note... I totally forgot to take "Before Photos" when we actually moved in, so all of the before photos are when the previous owners still lived there...oops!




We didn't do any major construction in this space, just some paint, TLC and décor touches. Can't wait to show you the rest of our home! Most of the décor is from Homesense and a few things from Ikea. The A-frame shelving unit is from Reclaimer Craft Design and the large wooden sign is from IndieHaus. Both are on Etsy and were so lovely to deal with. The sign is custom as they usually don't come that large and I chose a few lyrics from our wedding song. Oh and the sugar skull is handpainted from our honeymoon in Cancun! This room is still a bit of a work in progress as I would love to find something different to put into the corner where our TV box etc live and I have a chair that will replace the leather one but it just needs to be refinished first.

*Sorry about the photos. I took them in a bit of a rush one morning. The others will be better :)

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