Monday, August 17, 2015

Back to School Fall Wishlist !!

This September I am officially going back to school!
"Woo" "yaa" cue the Staples commercials!
I think it's been 18 months since I decided to leave university and graduate with my diploma instead of my degree. At the time, it was a tough decision but one that I knew I had to make because I was starting to get very discouraged and burnt out and honestly wasn't sure if business was the direction I wanted to go anymore. But I've recently learnt that I only have 7 courses left to complete my degree and since I am in a much better head space, now is the time to get back into it!
Something about the prospect of heading to classes in a few weeks has me thinking about my Fall wardrobe. Hence a little wish list creation on the H&M website! Check out my Back to School picks below:
As you can tell I'm channeling a soft, comfy, casual look which is perfect for morning classes and late night study sessions. Bring on the rainy days and warm bevies... oh and exams and projects..sigh.
What is on your Fall must-have list?

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