Friday, August 21, 2015

Taking Stock

Making: a point to do what makes me happy
Cooking: the most random meals for dinner lately. Brandon hasn't been complaining but I definitely need to bring back meal planning.
Drinking: blueberry black tea
Reading: just started the Girl on the Train, so far SO good
Wanting: to enjoy the last few weeks of summer
Looking: at holiday décor already... oops!
Playing: oldish Mariah. Aka The Emancipation of Mimi. Love.
Wasting: time watching old episodes of Australia's Next Top Model. You could say obsessed.
Wishing: my skin would sort itself out! God damn adult acne...
Enjoying: my workouts again
Waiting: for clear answers
Liking: my morning routine: gym > breakfast > getting ready > hanging out with Bear
Wondering: about the best choice for our federal government
Loving: relaxing nights in with my hubby.
Hoping: going back to school is a good choice
Marveling: at how fast this summer has gone!
Needing: a couple extra hours this weekend to get the boring stuff done
Smelling: fresh linen scent... everywhere, Brandon is in love with air fresheners!
Wearing: jeans again, loving that the temps have dropped a bit
Following: so many YouTubers, especially the British ones
Noticing: that True Detective before bed leads to CRAZY dreams
Knowing: everything happens for a reason
Thinking: about so many things
Bookmarking: a lot of recipes (see note above about meal planning)
Opening: up to myself about what I really want
Giggling: at Bear, all day everyday
Feeling: anxious but hopeful
Stole this from Sidney at The Daybook Blog.

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